How To Get Your Feet Wet In Florida Real Estate Investment

How To Get Your Feet Wet In Florida Real Estate Investment

Are you considering investing in real estate to reap the long-term benefits of a secure passive income stream for your retirement years? Real estate is a tangible asset class that will always hold value and historically will appreciate over time in a manner that can build great wealth with careful planning and monitoring of the market and investments. Real estate investments also hedge against inflation because rental rates tend to keep pace with the cost of living, not to mention the tax benefits. A well-diversified portfolio creates an additional layer of protection against downturns in any one sector of the economy.

Of course, as the owner of your own real estate investment business, your time is best spent educating yourself on each market area and finding your particular niche, then looking for golden opportunities. You will also need to build a team of reliable pros throughout the real estate industry to ensure you do not miss great investment opportunities. Finally, as an investor, you must build a network of providers to help you swiftly perform your due diligence, make an educated offer on the property, and provide reliable estimates to rehabilitate the property and improve it to its best and highest possibility. 

Read on as we discuss how to get your feet wet in Florida real estate investment. 

A Bigger View

Setting a goal is the first step in getting your feet wet in Florida real estate investment. Hence, it’s helpful to determine the income you’d like to generate and understand the overall picture of what investments your real estate portfolio will require to attain that goal. Another factor in determining is when you’ll begin and how much of your time is available to devote to your new enterprise, which includes monitoring the market so that you can make adjustments to your portfolio when needed. You should also consider the role you wish to play; for example, are you looking forward to interacting with your tenants as a landlord? Then, taking an inventory of your financial status, the myriad of financing options for beginners, and the amount of risk you can carry with the investment will all work together to help guide you towards the right investment strategy. Finally, as you begin your journey, you should also consider a partnership so that your combined strengths can create a better business model and higher income potential for both. By partnering with a mentor like a local professional real estate investor from Patton Investment Properties to work with you and guide you, you can earn income while learning the ropes and avoid costly mistakes that often derail new real estate investors.

Portfolio Holdings

There are many ways to get your feet wet in Florida real estate investment, from REITs, real estate investment trusts, and other platforms, which are more hands-off to flipping, land deals, and more significant commercial properties. Real estate offers many investment opportunities that can be pretty exciting and intersect with other business interests for investors. Typically, rental properties are the beginning target. Modest investment opportunities in this sector, such as mobile homes, afford beginning investors a pathway toward building their portfolio. Flipping has also grown in popularity; just remember, what you may have seen on television edited into a half-hour program doesn’t provide the whole picture. Entering into this endeavor with your eyes wide open will help make the experience a good one; things to consider are the expenses, realities, and legalities of dealing with tenants, turnover, maintenance and repair costs, and property taxes. Another benefit of working with a professional investor like those at Patton Investment Properties is our full-service network of providers that are the most highly sought after in their industry, including property management. Let the team at Patton Investment Properties take on as much of the duties of a landlord as you like. At Patton Investment Properties, our goal is to help you realize the highest returns by locating the best investments, placing the best tenants, and maintaining value.

Patton Investment Properties

Why not take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the seasoned pros at Patton Investment Properties to get your feet wet in Florida real estate investment and start with a winning hand? At Patton Investment Properties, when our investors win, we win. Here at Patton Investment Properties, we are your neighbors who live, work and invest in Florida real estate as our passion for building a better community, a brighter tomorrow for its citizens, and helping our investors earn the highest possible returns for each investment dollar. So let the professional investors at Patton Investment Properties help you locate investment opportunities for your plans and your budget and help you keep your portfolio on track. Don’t forget to ask about our current inventory of the best investment properties available in Florida. Then, you can look forward to a retirement lifestyle of living out your dreams. Call Patton Investment Properties at (786) 454-2888.

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