The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investment Trusts for Investors in Cape Coral

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) generate income from investment properties from multiple market sectors they own and manage. Generally, publicly-traded REITs make it easy for investors to enter the market. There are two types of REITs; mortgage REITs, comprised of residential and commercial properties, and more diversified equity REITs. When you invest in a REIT … Continued

5 Ways Anyone Can Begin Investing in Florida Real Estate

No matter how you start investing, the important thing is that you do. Of course, it’s never too late to start planning for a golden retirement, although the earlier you start, the more wealth and passive income you can create. Whatever you do, don’t hesitate too long. Far too many would-be investors have never made … Continued

How to Use Your Equity to Invest in Florida Real Estate

Your property’s equity or current market value, less any debt still owed on the mortgage, increases your net worth. You must understand what lenders are looking for when borrowing to purchase an investment property, such as barring gifts for use as your downpayment, making your available equity to invest a much more valuable resource.  Using … Continued

4 Things Every Investor Needs to Know About Buying Property in Florida

Real estate investments offer the opportunity for nearly anyone to build significant wealth and secure their future. Understanding the four essential real estate investment business elements is key to taking full advantage of available opportunities and realizing the highest return from your investments in Florida real estate. Real estate investment is a business, and you … Continued

How to Generate Income as a Passive Investor in Florida Real Estate

Partnering with other real estate investors can be highly beneficial, whether you’re just starting or an experienced investor. However, no matter who you partner with, each partner should be able to handle the truth, work through disagreements and share ideas freely within the partnership and the terms should be agreed upon and signed by all … Continued

How to Make Money During Upcycles and Downcycles as an Investor in Miami

Professionals in the industry understand the four market phases: recovery, expansion, hyper-supply, and recession. Your awareness of the signs that point towards the beginning of an up or down real estate cycle ultimately determines your potential profits. In addition to the state of the real estate market and the supply of available housing and interest … Continued

5 Red Flags First-Time Investors Need to Watch Out for in Florida

There are many benefits to investing in real estate, including the ability for nearly anyone to amass great wealth and ensure reliable passive income in retirement. However, to do this, you should avoid expensive blunders by learning about the most common warning signs. So read on as we explore these five red flags that first-time … Continued
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